Easter = Wow

It's hard to explain what happen Sunday. All I can say is... if you weren't there, you missed the most exciting Sunday we've ever had and we have a lot of exciting Sundays.
This video doesn't describe in full how it all went down.

The 25 person worship choir, the glitter, confetti, the lighted trash cans (straight out of stomp), the live 5 minute painting that Karen did, the worship and sermon were incredible. I was proud of our team for pulling it all out, and I am thankful for what great talented people we have at our church. It's nice when the plan all comes together and God shows up big. All of it was amazing... well except the red carpet. One thing I never expected is how the glitter and confetti would make it to every part of our facilities even making it across the street.

On a side note. We had 1100 people worship with us on Sunday. Not bad for a town of 6,000

I'll post the actual pictures when Don gets back from vacation.

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